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Why block paving?
It will transform the appearance of your property, and be the envy of your neighbours! A smart driveway is always a good selling feature.It is easy to maintain easy to repair and should you need to get at underground services it is easy to reinstateby simply replacing the existing blocks

Chandler Stone driveways are incredibly hardwearing with a range of product features and enhancements that allow you to have as individual a driveway as your imagination can conceive.

Is it expensive?
Chandler Stone mainly uses the Marshalls range, which is the widest available, so you’re sure to find something that’s just right for you – and your budget. Generally, the majority of the costs involved are in site preparation and installation which will be a constant whatever product range you choose, so if your perfect paving is slightly more expensive, the cost of the project increases by only a modest amount.

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